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Expect to experience love in your life today. Do not box love in and only anticipate it in one particular way but expand your imagination and expect to experience love today in a new way. Help tune your perception toward love by offering it as often as you can. Present it in a kind word, a smile or an act of kindness. Expect to experience love today.

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Some people confuse confidence with cockiness or arrogance. It is pleasing to God that we be confident in our relationship with God and in ourselves. We are not to be boastful but we should be clear and confident that God has created us for great things; we are marvelous and fierce; and the best is yet to come.

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Prayer life…


There are some things in life that are an absolute guarantee. One is if you improve, expand and increase your prayer life; your relationship with God will improve, expand and increase.

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The interesting thing about stress is we think we have no choice in the moment. We accept our lives are stressful at times and we go with the stress. But really we have the ability to choose one thought over another; to seek a perspective that focuses on what is hopeful, loving, good, gentle, optimistic in other words less stressful.

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Press forward…


It seems cruel when someone says to us; the past is the past, get over the bad things that happened, it’s time to move on. But there does come a point when you really do have to decide to move on. Our memories remain and what we have learned remains but we take control of our present and future when we put our past in its proper perspective and press forward.

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Depending on how you respond Adversity in life can strengthen you. One path to allowing adversity to work for your good is to choose to walk in Truth. Truth as oppose to fear, silence, doubt, anger, etc. Choose to embrace Truth and with it grace and mercy and every adversity becomes a stepping stone. The truth sets you free to walk all over your adversities.

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Jealousy weighs us down. It is one of those feelings all of us deal with. We may be jealous of someone’s looks or talent, or maybe even their favor or fortune. When we detect jealousy within ourselves begin to pray for release. Pray to be grateful for all that is positive in us and others. Jealousy may show up but you do not have to entertain it, send it away with gratitude.

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Move forward…


Push your fear aside and move forward. You got this! You can handle what is before you because of what is in you. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7). You Got this!

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Our thoughts set the pace of our day. Our thoughts determine what we seek and what we draw to ourselves. Philippians 4:8 invites us to think on these things – “Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” That is why some people just won’t come to your mind today.

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Difficult Situations…


Sometimes the most difficult thing to do in a difficult situation is to ask for and accept help. When we already feel out of control of what we are dealing with giving up more control is counter intuitive. Check yourself perhaps you need to Let someone help you today or help someone today even if they don’t make it easy.

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